The Tribe Rug


Translated from Kyrgyz TAGAI means tribes of the North.  This rug is in Grey on Beige.

This handmade wool rug is from Kyrgyzstan.  The name “Tribe” invokes a guardian figure; traditionally, Kyrgyz nomads believe in a host of spirits that provide protection throughout life. Some of these mystical figures appear in the shapes of this shyrdak. Understated colors and an intricate, abstract pattern make The Tribe Rug a perfect match for ultramodern interiors or bright design elements.  These sturdy pieces of art would serve well as kids playroom rugs.

  • Dimensions: 6’5″ x 4’10” Thickness: ~0.3″
  • Colors: light brown on cream; cream trim
  • 100% wool.

Because our shyrdaks are handmade, yours may vary slightly from the ones pictured.

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