Shyrdak Rugs

Made in Kyrgyzstan

Native to Kyrgyzstan, the shyrdak represents a distinctive wool rug. The shyrdak rugs showcase both beautiful and functional design. The shyrdak rug, an integral part of nomadic life in Kyrgyzstan, boasts a multitude of uses, including decorating and insulating portable homes known as yurts. These story-telling rugs make beautiful gifts for any occasion, and are often included in dowries. 

To create intricate shyrdaks, artisans sheer wool from sheep. The next step of the process includes taking the sheered wool to wash, dry, dye, and press into sheets. The sheets, cut and stitched together, create beautiful patterns quilted onto a large wool base producing a high-quality, long-lasting rug. The top layer, typically merino wool, remains soft and easy to clean while the bottom layer provides insulation and a rigid base. Upon these top layers, the patterns and color combinations represent motifs and stories as written by the Kyrgyz designers. 

How to Care for your Shyrdak Rugs 

Shyrdak rugs are extremely durable, especially when cared for properly.

Remove ordinary dirt and debris by shaking the rug outdoors. Complete vacuum cleaning on a low setting. Remember the brush attachment should not make contact with the rug itself.

If drinks are spilled or pet accidents occur on the carpet, absorb the liquid with a dry cloth first. Then, use warm soapy water to remove the stain.  It works great to place a bowl under the rug where the spot occurred and rinse the soapy water through the rug with clean water into the bowl below.

We recommend periodic cleaning by a professional with experience in cleaning felt rugs.

Shrydak rugs image alongside a wooden table and dishes